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EAM/CMMS Software
Preventive Maintenance Software
Facility Management Software
Life Cycle Asset Management Software
Spare Parts Management Software
Work Order Management Software
EAM/CMMS Software
CMMS is an equipment maintenance management software that centralizes maintenance information and facilitates the processes of maintenance operations, to optimizes the use, availability, and life span of equipment, machinery, facilities.
Preventive Maintenance Software
Schedule time-based and meter-based preventive maintenance tasks for all your asset to decrease downtime and reduce costs. Our preventive asset maintenance management software can track all your PM work and ensure the right thing gets done at the right time.
Facility Management Software
Facility asset maintenance management system is a platform to manage entire repair and maintenance program of your organization's facilities such as building infrastructure, Electrical, Plumbing, Lighting, HVAC, etc.
Life Cycle Asset Management Software
Life cycle asset management system software series can track and manage asset health and lifecycle from pre-installation planning and engineering to decommissioning.
Spare Parts Management Software
Spare parts equipment maintenance management system can manage Inventory, distribute and reclaim maintenance and repair operation (MRO) equipment and materials across storage areas, distribution centers and facilities.
Work Order Management Software
Manage and control current and upcoming work easily with EAMic®, The efficient way to initiate a task, clarify what is to be done, specify completion dates, and give special instructions as needed. Work orders such as: 1. A request for repair, 2. Restoration or replacement of equipment, 3. Preventive tasks work order, etc.
Want to make your asset management intelligent, efficient and visual? You need a professional and intelligent asset maintenance management system. From equipment procurement to equipment scrapping, all data assets should be visualized and traceable to achieve excellent maintenance. Turn to us, who Deliver Apex Value of Maintenance, and take the first step of achieving maintenance excellence by using your own asset maintenance management system. Make EAMic® your choice of asset and maintenace management software, manage your assets efficiently and obtain quantitative benefits, either in cloud or on premises.
Maintenance Software For Manufacturing
Standardize your maintenance operations with EAMic® CMMS asset traking and maintenance software to avoid unplanned production downtime.
Chemical Management Software
Continously improve plant wellness through EAMic® CMMS system maintenance software integrated with SCADA or IOT Data.
Preventive Maintenance Program for Food Industry
Use EAMic® food manufacturing inventory management software. Compliant with maintenance best practices to deliver quality products.
Automotive Parts Inventory Management Systems
Consolidate TPM concept to facilitate in Lean approach: Cost Down and Efficiency Enhancement.
Machine Asset Management Software
Leverage EAMic® CMMS to obtain life cyle maximim benefit and ROA.
IT Asset Management Software
Pivot of all asset data to digitilize maintenance, reduce miantenace cost.
Oil and Gas Asset Management Software
Safety foremost, Increase MTBF of your asset centered on continous reliability.
EAM/CMMS Solution
You provide reliable services to your clients and we provide you with professional systems that add value to your services. to improve the quality of your services and customer satisfaction.
Deliver Apex Value of Maintenance, Start Your Maintenance Excellence from EAMic® EAM/CMMS Today and Improve Your Plant Wellness.

We, professional in asset management system software, believe that creating and delivering value is the nature of our work. We love what we do and believe it's something meaningful. Our serving concept is “Deliver Apex Value of Maintenance”. As an asset management solution providers, we employ global maintenance best practices and bring value to plant owners with the instrument of our solution EAMic®.

  • Dedicated EAM/CMMS  ISV streamlined with ISO and IEC Standards and Maintenance Best Practices; 

  • Customer success and user success centered delivery with measurable EAM/CMMS ROI and benefits; 

  • Combine Maintenance Excellence and TPM concect with EAMic® CMMS Solution; 

  • More than 300 multinational's choice, more than 100000+ mainteners' last stop of the EAM/CMMS selection.

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About EAMic® - ValueApex
About EAMic® - ValueApex

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We, one of the professional asset management software vendors, first adopted EAMic®'s CMMS EAM software to plan and record our inspection rounds and got pretty good feedback. Then the asset maintenance management system was deployed to all our nine plants worldwide for the same purpose. Afterward, we found inspection planning and recording were only part of what EAMic® could offer. Now we're using equipment management system software, as the smart CMMS as it is, for all aspects of maintenance management. Regular sharing and study sessions are now being organized for maintenance teams within the whole UPC Group. EAMic® has become an indispensable tool in our work experience.

——Mr. Chen, I&E Supervisor from UPC

''After using the EAMic® Equipment Asset Management system, the equipment reliability in our company has improved continuously. The MTBF has increased from 30 hours to 157 hours from Dec. 2017 to Nov. 2019. The improvements are obvious.''

——Mr. Liu, Maintenance Manager from Unitech

''Before, technicians often requested the wrong spare parts because they didn't know which ones fitted the equipment being repaired. Now it's completely different. You could simply tell what you need from the screen of your phone and make no mistake anymore, all thanks to EAMic®.''

——Mr. Jia, Maintenance Supervisor from Yamei Technology

''ValueApex is one of those companies which actually supply A-level international services. I believe this will bring ValueApex more customers and generate a high customer satisfaction rate.''

——Frank Meng, Facilities Manager from Rieter China

''EAMic equipment maintenance management system has proven to be an invaluable tool for our daily maintenance activities with a stable core structure and an easy-to-use UI. The ability to use it's integrated mobile app only adds to the ease of use and efficiency for all on-site activities. All of this is supported by a competent and motivated team that ensures system performance and stability.''

——Gunther Vandeputte, Maintenance Specialist from Atlas Copco

''After setting the expectations for equipment maintenance, we achieved our target with the use of the computerised maintenance management system EAMic®, following a performance-oriented approach. The asset numbering system serves our purpose well and has helped improve our data visualisation.''

——Mr. Ding, EAMic® PM from Yaskawa Electric Technology Department
Mr. Chen, I&E Supervisor from UPC
Mr. Liu, Maintenance Manager from Unitech
Mr. Jia, Maintenance Supervisor from Yamei Technology
Frank Meng, Facilities Manager from Rieter China
Gunther Vandeputte, Maintenance Specialist from Atlas Copco
Mr. Ding, EAMic® PM from Yaskawa Electric Technology Department
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Ready to start transforming your asset maintenance management?
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