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Q: What does CMMS software do?

CMMS EAM software contributes to the process nation and task collaboration of enterprise equipment asset operation and maintenance management and provides communication tools for operation and maintenance-related activities. CMMS is about communication and coordination. Its core goals are to automate maintenance planning, optimize inventory, manage work orders, and maintain a database of asset information. A core feature of the CMMS system is work order management, and the work order management program provides a digital management model to replace paper work orders.

Q: What is spare parts management system?

Spare parts management system is a set of information system for comprehensive management of basic information, purchase, inventory, receipt and disposal of spare parts of equipment assets. 

Combined with the inventory optimization algorithm model, EAMic® spare parts management software optimizes spare parts management, automatically warns when the quantity of spare parts is insufficient, improves the timely ordering of purchasers, realizes the scientific and rationalized inventory of spare parts for enterprises, reduces the capital occupation of enterprises, and meets the actual production demand.

Q: What is the best EAM software?

Best EAM Software & Systems for 2022

EAMic®:EAMic® enterprise maintenance management system can use mobile phones and computers to manage enterprise equipment assets easily and conveniently and is suitable for various industries, such as chemical management system software, electronic parts inventory software, medicine, etc.

  • UpKeep

  • eMaint

  • Limble CMMS

  • Smartsheet

  • Gengyun

Q: Who uses enterprise asset management software?
  • Managers seeking growth businesses. ...

  • Managers of large and asset-rich businesses. ...

  • Business leaders are ready for Industry 4.0. ...

  • On-site maintenance team and technicians. ...

  • Third-party operation and maintenance team. ...

  • Managers concerned with equipment asset management techniques. ...

  • Production managers are concerned with the continuous operation of equipment assets. ...

Q: How much does CMMS software cost?

Computerized maintenance management system software has 2 deployment methods, on-premise deployment and cloud deployment, which can be purchased at one time or paid by an annual subscription fee.  The two methods have different charging standards and different quotations. Generally speaking, the price of cloud deployment reduces the software cost and hardware server costs compared with on-premise deployment, please contact us for a detailed quotation.

Q: Which of the CMMS is most popular?

The most popular CMMS software can be considered EAMic® CMMS software, which can be used on both computers and mobile phones. EAMic® can perform functions such as fault reporting, asset management, preventive maintenance plan management, spare parts inventory management, and data reporting. Improve equipment asset management efficiency and reduce maintenance costs with EAMic® CMMS software.

Q: What is preventive maintenance software?

A preventive maintenance plan is a module of the EAM/CMMS software. Using a preventive maintenance plan, you can set up automatic and regular reminders for maintenance personnel to perform maintenance work on equipment assets to improve equipment utilization and extend equipment life. 

Preventive maintenance plans are especially important for large, heavy-asset enterprises. Large and heavy-asset enterprises often have a large number of equipment and high costs, and the maintenance levels and times are different. Using EAMic® preventive maintenance software, you can effectively manage equipment maintenance plans and tasks, avoid forgetting maintenance tasks and help maintenance personnel improve their work efficiency. Know more about preventive maintenance software for manufacturing.

Q: What is the difference between ERP and EAM?

EAM, which stands for Enterprise Asset Management, manages the maintenance and life cycle of various equipment assets, typically used in industries that rely on complex physical assets such as machinery, vehicles, and equipment. It provides a range of features focused on maintenance, monitoring, management, and forecasting to get the most out of an enterprise's assets.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP systems manage a variety of daily operational tasks across a large number of industries and business types. ERP provides business process management tools for managing organizational information, with a greater focus on corporate finance, human resources, manufacturing and distribution, materials management, and supply chain management.

Q: Why is spare part management important?

Spare parts management is the prerequisite basis to ensure the effectiveness of equipment maintenance. A timely supply of spare parts can shorten maintenance time and reduce downtime loss, and a supply of good quality spare parts can ensure maintenance quality and maintenance cycle and improve the reliability of equipment performance. Know more about spare parts inventory management software.