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Spare Parts Management Software

Know everything about your spare parts with our maintenance parts inventory software!

With EAMic® spare parts management system software, you can easily check suppliers' references, technical characteristics, consumption, storage box code, etc.

You won't miss anything on your spare parts with EAMic® spare parts inventory software.

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Spare Parts Management Software

Cut Down the Cost of Spare Parts 9% ~ 15% with EAMic® Spare Parts Management Software

Information Sharing

Establish asset spare parts information files to achieve transparent sharing of spare parts information. Collecting and sharing information on spare parts usage, our spare parts inventory management software can provide timely feedback to the spare parts planner and revise the outsourcing plan in a timely manner.

Controllable Cost

Computer spare parts management system can strictly manage the consumption of spare parts, out of the warehouse and spare parts requisition, to stop the over-collection and disorderly collection of spare parts, and track the destination of spare parts consumption.

Scientific Inventory

Intelligence spare parts inventory system can establish a scientific and reasonable spare parts inventory model to ensure the supply of spare parts, reduce unnecessary resource capital occupation, improve enterprise capital utilization, and reduce spare parts management costs.

Keep Running

Facilitating the supply of spare parts for key equipment, EAMIc® spare parts inventory management system not only ensures the need for maintenance spare parts for key equipment and the normal operation of key equipment but also reduce unplanned downtime.

EAMic® Spare Parts Management Software Functions

Spare Parts Basic Information Management

Establish double-way link, from to asset to check equipment BOM, from spare part to check where the spare parts can be used.
  • Spare Parts Information Management
    • Our spares management software can assist users to record and view information related to spare parts, such as spare part code, name, specification, unit, Minimum quantity, Maximum quantity, order quantity, delivery date, classification, warehouse, location, status, instructions for use of spare parts, design drawings, etc.

    • EAMic® spare parts management software records transactions of the spare part in multiple stocks including Receipts, Issues, Returns, Adjustments and Historical prices, etc.

  • Minimum Quantity Alert Management

    Once the Minimum quantity is set, the EAMic® spare parts management system will automatically alert the appropriate responsible person if the current quantity is < Minimum quantity. The dashboard on the home page of the maintenance manager, engineer, and stocker will automatically display the out-of-stock status of spare parts.

Spare Parts Information Management
Minimum Quantity Alert Management

Spare Parts Inventory Management

Through QR barcode, EAMic® spare parts inventory system can realize inventory management including issue, return, adjustments and inventory taking in a fast and accurate way.
  • Receipts

    EAMic® spare parts inventory management system can record information related to spare parts receipts, including time, status, suppliers and verification process of receipts.

  • Issues

    EAMic® maintenance inventory management software supports issues to work order (repair and maintenance), transfer between depots, refurbishment spare parts, and issues approval.

  • Returns

    Return is corresponding to the issue it is only used to return the number of spare parts that have been issued.

  • Adjustment

    EAMic® spare parts inventory software supports spare parts adjustment on the computer and app side, accurately calculates the status of spare parts inventory and can realize automatic warning of minimum quantity alert, and gradually realizes the consistency between financial and physical accounts.

  • Multi-stock spare parts sharing

    This module is suitable for situations where there are multiple depots (with the same spare parts as each other) in the plant. EAMic® spares inventory management system supports viewing the spare parts inventory of each depot and quickly creating the same spare parts for other depots through the "Multi-stock spare parts sharing" function

  • Spare parts transfer

    Users can initiate spare parts transfer application to the headquarters or other service stations, and spare parts transfer application, review, receipts and acceptance are handled in one stop.

Multi-stock spare parts sharing
Spare parts transfer

Spare Parts Purchase Management

  • Requisitions

    EAMic® requisition can help manage your shortage of spare parts requests. Users can create requisitions for spare parts here and add multiple parts to the same requisitions form. 

  • Purchase Order

    This module is used to manage purchase orders for spare parts. Purchase order in EAMic® spare parts management system software can be linked with requisitions or shortage spare parts list.

  • Suppliers Management

    View and edit supplier information for this spare part. The computer spare parts management system is often used to record supplier information associated with assets, spare parts, etc. "Preferred" means that the EAMic® spare parts management system will recommend the supplier first in the procurement request process.

  • Contracts Management

    The parts inventory management software is also used to manage contracts related to assets, spare parts, projects, etc.

Purchase Order
Suppliers Management
Contracts Management

Spare Parts Report Management

Get maintenance stock reports and KPIs, including Spare Part Service Level, Turnover Rate, spare parts consumption by cost center, location or for different types of WO (PM, CM, etc). EAMic® spare parts inventory management system provides multi-dimensional analysis reports to improve the accuracy of spare parts management.
  • Equipment repquest, maintenance, and technical reform may generate spare parts consumption, the system will record spare parts consumption and generate reports automatically.
  • Inventory inquiry, spare parts procurement statistics, inventory statistics, cost statistics, etc.
maintenance spare parts


  • Tools Management

    EAMic® spare parts software can record the borrowing of public maintenance tools. This parts inventory management system supports tool issue, return and bookings management.

  • System Management Module

    Employees management, user rights assignment, user password modification, etc.

Tools Management
System Management Module

EAMic® Spare Parts Management Software Mobile App

Manage spare parts inventory work easily with EAMic® Mobile APP.
  • View spare parts information, create new spare parts, and also support scanning code inquiry.
  • Create receipts, view receipts information based on receipts status.
  • Create and view issues orders.
  • Create return orders and view return-related transactions.
  • Create inventory adjustment list.
  • Employees can apply for spare parts through EAMic® mobile APP, and the management can view the summary of employee's collection in real time.
  • Support tool information management and tool issue and return management.
  • View and create supplier information.
  • Solve problems and initiate purchase requisitions on site.
  • Create purchase orders and view order information.
spare parts management software

EAMic® Spare Parts Inventory Management Software Integrates

EAMic® Spare Parts Inventory Management Software Integrates

If you are already using other system tools such as ERP/WMS, don't worry.

  • EAMic® spare parts management software has the ability to be compatible and share inventory information with systems such as ERP/WMS and is successfully used by existing customers.

  • Through EAMic Web API, the EAMic® maintenance stock module can sync data, mainly material lists, stock issues, receipts, returns, etc. from ERP (SAP, Oracle, SAGE, Microsoft, etc) or WMS. 

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