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The Transformative Power of EAM/CMMS Software in Equipment Management

EAM software for oil and gas is to help enterprises realize the effect of making the best use of things, operating safely and ensuring the ecological environment is not infringed with the help of information technology, which is the goal that many enterprises dream of in terms of asset management. At the same time, it can bring the following four aspects of value to the enterprise.

Guarantee the safe operation of equipment

The main work of asset-intensive enterprises is to guarantee the safe operation of equipment. The use of information technology can standardize overhaul work because EAM software for oil and gas provides a well-planned work system that allows equipment management activities to take less time. It improves the management of maintenance work from target management to process management level, which can reduce the rework of equipment maintenance and thus improve the safety factor of equipment management.

Removing "information silos" in equipment management

For asset-intensive enterprises, proper downtime for equipment maintenance can reduce unplanned downtime. However, due to the lack of information system coordination, the maintenance work is traditionally done by each department separately. eam software for oil and gas uses many modules to solve a series of problems such as maintenance management, inventory, tool management, equipment management, etc. These modules run in a unified system. At the same time, these modules run on a unified platform, so that the enterprise eliminates the information silos and fully understands the internal resource allocation.

Improve the efficiency of equipment management

With the use of EAM software for oil and gas, equipment management data are directly input from the primary data source to the central database of the enterprise, which can achieve real-time control. In this way, grassroots equipment inspectors can break down their work into every step of every job. Moreover, these equipment management data can be utilized for a long period of time, from which the change pattern of each work can be found out. This not only improves the accuracy of planning, but also allows the center of gravity of equipment management to drop to improve the efficiency of equipment management.

Reduced Maintenance and Operation Costs

With proper maintenance, equipment lasts longer, reducing capital expenditures on equipment purchases. Since the maintenance department has more time for preventive maintenance, the cost of contracting external maintenance is also reduced. eam software for oil and gas can record details of past purchases of parts, including price, supplier, quality, and prices from other suppliers, which can lead to a reduction in the unit cost of re-purchases.

EAM software for oil and gas is particularly suitable for companies with a large variety of equipment, high prices, and high requirements for equipment integrity and continuous operation availability. It standardizes the management of the enterprise's equipment and transforms the management by "human brain" into "computer" management. With the introduction of EAM software for oil and gas, companies can minimize the phenomenon of over-maintenance or lack of maintenance.

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