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Introduction to Work Order Management Software

WOMS is a work order management software to manage service requests received from your customers.

In addition to being able to manage your work orders, the work order software system includes a bunch of useful options such as customers and equipment management, keeping track of equipment service contracts and guarantees, planning maintenance on equipment, dragging and dropping a calendar of appointments, inventory, spare parts, purchase orders and much more.

1. What is a work order?

When you receive a service request from one of your customers, you create in the software what we call a work order so that you can track it. A work order is simply the term used by default in WOMS and is the same as a case, service request, or any other similar term. You can adapt the terminology to use the term that best suits your business.

2. Work order demand customization

Your work order management software can have several statuses such as In Progress; Completed; Billed; etc. You simply decide on the description of each status. The same principle applies to priorities or purchase order statuses. You can also indicate a different color for each status, which greatly facilitates spotting work orders on screen.

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