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EAM/CMMS Software

Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAM/CMMS)

EAMic® EAM/CMMS software is not only an important IT tool for enterprises to manage all equipment assets, but also behind all maintenance data, EAMic® EAM/CMMS system will allow all maintenance personnel to be seen and heard.

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EAM/CMMS Software

Have you ever encountered these difficulties in enterprise asset management?

Have you ever encountered these difficulties in enterprise asset management?

6S and AM management is chaotic, statistics is difficult, and the query is inconvenient?

The enterprise maintenance management system failure rate is high, which affects the production of enterprises?

It is difficult to formulate an asset maintenance and inspection plan, and the quality of distribution and implementation cannot be tracked and supervised?

Spare parts inventory is chaotic, and it is impossible to trace the consumption of spare parts?

CMMS for maintenance costs remain high, and enterprise maintenance costs are high?

Paper or Excel management equipment is slow and error-prone, and employees waste a lot of time on administrative work, making it difficult to conduct further statistical analysis of failures?

The turnover rate of employees is high, the experience data related to maintenance and maintenance are difficult to record, retain and share, and the professional skills of new employees cannot keep up;

Does equipment asset management lack the support of process, digitization and intelligent tools?

EAMic® EAM/CMMS Management Software Help You

Save time cost

Save the engineers time spent in filling in paper work orders and entering Excel data, searching drawings and documents, manuals of computer maintenance management software assets and other information, and making maintenance reports.

10% ~ 17%
Reduce equipment downtime

Maintenance team can arrange the preventive maintenance plan management of equipment assets in advance. Regular maintenance will improve the stability of your equipment and reduce the failure rate by EAMic®. 

In addition, engineers can quickly understand the failure status of equipment and what spare parts are needed on site, so as to quickly complete maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime.

Reduce maintenance costs

Through effective preventive maintenance, parameter monitoring and spare parts replacement, prolong the service life of equipment assets, help the enterprise production and reduce the enterprise maintenance cost by EAMic® EAM/CMMS Software.

9% ~ 15%
Cut down the cost of spare parts

Improve inventory accuracy through inventory counting, defines safety inventory and regular procurement plan, ensures the actual number of spare parts required in inventory, reduces spare parts management cost and improves free cash flow by EAMic® EAM/CMM software.

6% ~ 16%
Increase production capacity

With EAMic® EAM/CMM software, it can reduce equipment failure rate, improve equipment stability, improve product yield produced by enterprises, reduce the waste of raw materials and escort the production for enterprises.

EAMic® EAM/CMMS Software Solutions and Features

  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
  • Asset Structure Management
  • Request Management
  • CMMS Work Orders Management
  • Preventive Maintenance Management
  • Inspection Management
  • Spare Parts Management
  • CMMS Document Management
  • Permission Management
  • Report and Dashboards Management
  • EAM/CMMS Mobile APP
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

EAMic® asset management system records and manages every data related to enterprise equipment assets

  • It includes the file information of the equipment (equipment account, manufacturer, model, serial number, materials lists, etc.) and historical records of repair and maintenance and so on.

  • EAMic® CMMS system provides the maintenance team with all-around management services from equipment resume, equipment maintenance, equipment repair, hidden danger troubleshooting, equipment maintenance, spare parts inventory management and so on.

  • With the computer and mobile APP end of the EAMic® system, you can find the relevant information and maintenance record of equipment assets at any time, anywhere. Efficient and fast for it.

Asset Structure Management
Asset Structure Management

The equipment asset structure view, currently in the EAMic® system supports two types, location structure tree and category structure tree. It help you more comprehensively and systematically manage all equipment asset of your enterprise in the whole structure tree. Branches of trees represent the relationship between assets between their upper and sub-equipment. That would be later used by technicians to retrieve assets and execute maintenance on the right item. 

Request Management
Request Management

One equipment and one code. Through the device QR code, you can accurately obtain the device and automatically associate the device location. You can scan the QR code and apply for repair through the EAMic® mobile app on-site, and the fault information can be uploaded by taking photos, video, voice, text and other methods. Repair reminder supports email notification, SMS notification, APP push notification and other notification methods, so that there is no omission of information.

When the fault occurs, the employees shall apply for repair at the first time, submit the repair for approval, assign engineers to maintenance and record the whole maintenance process, and finally approve the maintenance results. Set important maintenance items for different equipment to effectively prevent faults and realize one-stop management.

CMMS Work Orders Management
CMMS Work Orders Management

From the work order generated during equipment maintenance, patrol inspection, repair and hidden danger troubleshooting to the whole closed-loop processing process of the work order, EAMic® work order module will help the maintenance team efficiently plan, manage and execute work orders, monitor the whole process from work order creation, approval, circulation to solution and archiving, and help improve the response speed in case of equipment failure.

Preventive Maintenance Management
Preventive Maintenance Management

EAMic® EAM/CMMS system can creates equipment asset maintenance plan and sets maintenance cycle. The required resources, spare parts, precautions and related tasks can be customized in the maintenance plan. When the maintenance task expires, it will automatically remind the maintenance task regularly. The assigned maintenance personnel will maintain the equipment asset and receive the spare parts required for maintenance. After the maintenance is completed, the judge needs to approve the maintenance completion result.

Inspection Management
Inspection Management

With EAMic® Inspection Management Module,you can:

  • Design the route and cycle of inspection, and set different inspection contents and requirements for different equipment assets.

  • Collect and record the inspection data on-site. If any abnormality is found in the process of inspection, inspector can report for repair quickly and supports the feedback of photography, recording, video and text, and upload the patrol inspection results in real time.

  • Use mobile phones, PDA, RFID mobile devices to scan QR codes on site, take photos for patrol inspection, or induction NFC tags or RFID tags to perform inspection task. After quickly identifying the equipment asset, inspector can enter inspection record information as required, managers can supervise the quality of inspection in real time, ensure the rate of inspection in place and avoid inspection cheating.

Spare Parts Management
Spare Parts Management
  • Management of spare parts is a critical aspect of asset maintenance management. Retrieving the right spare part in stock may have a significant impact on the duration to repair and therefore on the availability of your production lines.

  • With EAMic® EAM/CMMS auto parts management system will help you and your team to inventory all your spares parts, record the detailed information from warehousing to outbound, track spare part consumption and establish equipment BOM, and automatically send an early warning to the person in charge when it is lower than the safety stock, so as to make the management of spare parts more efficient and scientific.

CMMS Document Management
CMMS Document Management

EAMic® EAM/ system can upload and query various documents related to equipment asset management (SOP, equipment instructions, maintenance manuals, various records, etc.) on PC or app;

  • Attachment formats include many common formats, including word, Excel, PDF……

  • Picture or even video format;

  • Maintenance documents can be associated with equipment, location or item and maintenance plan to facilitate query through equipment, location or item.

  • In addition, through EAMic® system drag and drop function can be directly associated with attachments of equipment, work orders and spare parts.

Permission Management
Permission Management

The EAMic® EAM/CMMS system supports multi department, multi role and multi-user permission configuration. The function permission and Data permission are set independently. The system administrator can fully configure the permission.

Report and Dashboards Management
Report and Dashboards Management

Which equipment has the highest failure rate this month?

What are the MTTR and MTBF of this quarter? Is there any increase or decrease?

What is the maintenance cost and productivity loss per failure?

Don't Worry!EAMic® EAM/CMMS system help you to answer your questions.

With the help of EAMic® information tool report and dashboard functions,you can automatically generate graphs, charts and reports that are easy to read and understand with one click of data. It can visually display the operation status of enterprise equipment assets, the completion of maintenance, cost statistics, etc., and accurately tell you who is doing this work, where your money is going and what needs to be improved. With a detailed report and data, you can make the right decisions.


EAMic® Mobile APP can:

  • View the latest profile information of the equipment asset

  • Apply for request

  • Perform inspection and maintenance tasks

  • Equipment asset inventory

  • Receiving spare parts

  • Spare parts warehousing management

  • Process approval

  • View equipment asset document

  • ……

Three Ways to Manage Equipment Asset With EAMic® EAM/CMMS Software

QR Code Label QR Code Label
QR Code Label

One equipment asset and one code. Set a dedicated QR code for each equipment asset. The equipment operation can be performed by scanning the QR code.

NFC Label NFC Label
NFC Label

Mobile communication terminals such as PDA or mobile phone scan and sense NFC label on site, which will automatically identify and read data.

RFID Label RFID Label
RFID Label

Use RFID scanning gun to identify specific targets and read and write relevant data through radio signals. No need to touch the target, the scan is completed upon passing.

How to Set Up EAM System

Requirements Communication
Proposal Sent
Contract Signed
Implementation Study
Data Collection
System Preparation, Development & Test
User Training
System Go-Live
Customer Success Support
How to Set Up EAM System
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