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What is the spare parts management system?

1. What is the spare parts management system?

First, understand what spare parts management is. The spare parts management method refers to the supervision of spare parts, which is an important part of the optimal allocation of equipment maintenance resources. In order to shorten the downtime of equipment maintenance, the organization purchases produce and store a certain amount of spare parts in advance. Spare parts are an important material condition for equipment maintenance. Immediate provision of spare parts can shorten maintenance time, reduce machine damage, provide good quality spare parts, ensure maintenance quality and maintenance cycle time, and improve equipment stability.

According to the spare parts management, you can understand what the spare parts management system does. Generally speaking, spare parts are scattered in each warehouse or store, and the application and reimbursement of spare parts or offline promotion are generally done manually. Due to a long time, the paper data information is indeed lost, and it is impossible to immediately summarize the total number, and track the users of spare parts and their applications. In addition, the enterprise's customer needs are relatively large, and there are many technical engineers in the internal structure, resulting in content loss or long-term reflection, which may lead to repeated purchases by the company, or long-term purchases that reduce the completion rate of employees (that is, untimely service), thereby reducing customer satisfaction.

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2. What are the functions of the spare parts management system?

1. The technical management of spare parts refers to the basis of spare parts management, mainly including the collection of spare parts drawings, surveying and mapping, and the compilation of spare parts atlases; the design and compilation of basic data such as various spare parts management system cards and reserve quotas.

2. The plan management of spare parts refers to the work from the preparation of spare parts plan to the storage of spare parts, mainly including yearly and monthly self-prepared parts plans, annual and batch plans of purchased parts, application for casting and forging rough parts, manufacturing Planning, spare parts sporadic procurement and processing plan, preparation and organization of spare parts repair plan.

3. Warehouse management of spare parts refers to the work from the warehousing to the delivery of spare parts, mainly including; spare parts warehousing inspection, maintenance, registration card, shelf storage, spare parts receipt, delivery and warehouse cleanliness and safety, Order point and inventory control, statistical analysis and control of spare parts consumption, capital occupation, and turnover rate, collection of spare parts quality information, etc.

4. The economic management of spare parts refers to the economic accounting and statistical analysis of spare parts, which mainly includes: the verification of spare parts inventory funds, the management of inbound and outbound accounts, the verification of spare parts costs, the statistical analysis of various economic indicators of spare parts, etc. Economic management should Throughout the whole process of spare parts management, the quality and level of inspection condition management should be measured according to the statistical analysis results of various economic indicators.

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