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EAMic® Case Study- Auto Parts

About the Company

The company was founded in 1996. Since its inception, the company has gone through a rapid development and is now the leading brake manufacturer in China. The company produces 55 million brake rotors/drums and 10 million sets of brake pads annually to support our customers globally in both the aftermarket and OEM. 


The company is one of the largest automotive parts producers in China. Due to the company’s incremental growth, the company has many pieces of assets, many people, many maintenance work orders, and many spare parts,  it became very difficult to manage all things and people well with traditional paper and excel. The maintenance team wanted to eliminate paper and use the mobile app CMMS to improve efficiency. The company found ValueApex and started the CMMS implementation project. 


1)ValueApex project team helped the company team redefine and streamlined asset codes and asset categories, class, and types;  

2)ValueApex helped the company team populate all mater data of assets, spare parts, and maintenance plans into EAMic® CMMS;  

3)Developed the interface with ERP;  

4)Training all users, including operators and maintainers;  

5) Adopted EAMic® embedded reports such as monthly digest, failure analysis reports, MTBF/MTTR, availability, etc. 

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Benefit and Result


Operator-driven maintenance, autonomous maintenance are effectively managed and recorded in EAMic.


Daily active users are more than 500;  each week finished WO is more than 4000, EAMic® acted as a must-to-have tool for daily maintenance and management; 


Maintenance reports are used for maintenance meetings on daily basis; 


Maintenance stock value has dropped around 10% after 2 years of using the system; 


MTTR dropped 30% due to the reason that all failures are identified, analyzed, and recorded with the action defined in maintenance work order, and daily preventive tasks are executed with high quality and effectiveness;  


Failure dropped almost 20% on yearly basis.