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Enterprise Asset Management System

EAMic® Case Study- Oishi (Liwayway China)

Oishi (Liwayway China)*ValueApex EAMic®——

The "secret" of equipment asset management of Oishi (Liwayway China) Group!

Enterprise Asset Management System

About Oishi (Liwayway China)

With more than 25 years of experience, Oishi is recognized as one of the most well-known companies in China, focusing on the food industry. Located in Qingpu, Shanghai, Liwayway (China) Co., Ltd. manages the Group's operations in China as Oishi (Liwayway)'s China headquarters. Oishi has more than 100 varieties and flavors of snack food, and has 15 wholly-owned branches all over China. It is a top brand in the food industry.

Enterprise Asset Management System


Oishi has used SAP ERP for many years, however, the general management of plant assets and equipment maintenance is traditional. The top management team of Oishi identified it as one key challenge for the future and also one chance to make a difference. 

Enterprise Asset Management System


The project started in 2020, the initial project started from Shanghai headquarters. Due to the Oishi IT team’s strong support, the whole delivery process only lasts for 2 months this also includes the interface with SAP for maintenance stock. After headquarter pilot, the Oishi IT team rolled out EAMic® CMMS into all plants by themselves. Typical functions include: Asset Register, Maintenance Request, Corrective Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Maintenance Improvement project, maintenance document, asset inventory taking, and maintenance reports are all covered. 

Benefit and Result


Spare parts consumption are recorded in EAMic® with interface with SAP. 


All Oishi assets are managed in EAMic®, not only assets, production machines, facilities and utilities, even IT assets are managed in EAMic®; 


Asset Inventory taking is also conducted in Oishi plant with EAMic® inventory taking module;


All failure reports and failure analysis are conducted in EAMic, getting down to root cause analysis;

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