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Enterprise Maintenance Management System

EAMic® Case Study- UPC Chemical Group

Global UPC group chemical plants use EAMic® software and vibration pen to facilitate in PdM program. 

Enterprise Maintenance Management System

About UPC Chemical Group

UPC Technology Corporation (UPC) is a leading, representative chemical company under the MiTAC-Synnex Group. The MiTAC-Synnex Group comprises many listed companies worldwide, encompassing sectors such as the livelihood industry, chemical & materials, information technologies, distribution & fulfillment and system integration & mobile solutions.

With plants distributed: 1 in Malaysia, 1 in Taiwan, and 7 plants in China mainland.  UPC group is one of the largest plastic manufactures. 

Enterprise Maintenance Management System


UPC has used ERP and SCADA for daily plant operations. Alike other chemical plants, how to get the real value of temperature and vibration from on-site? How to make sure the quality of the daily checklist and parameter reading values? How to have a benchmark between different plants? 

Enterprise Maintenance Management System


  • Use ValueApex vibration and temperature pen and automatically get value through Bluetooth;  

  • RFID scanning with PDA for mandatory tag consistency; 

  • Benchmark reports and dashboard for all 9 plants were configured and deployed;  

  • All inspection plans are managed and executed in EAMic;  

  • Daily maintenance costs are recorded and analyzed in EAMic. 

  • To know more about chemical management software

Benefit and Result


Maintenance fleet from 9 plants use EAMic® benchmark reports and dashboard to compare and find the potential for maintenance improvement.


Sound and good result resulting from PdM program using vibration and temperature pen.


Useful maintenance documents, like manuals, PIDs, or drawings can be linked to assets, locations, and maintenance plans. 

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