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EAMic® Case Study-Unitech Electronics

Failure Occurrences Reduced By 45% Yearly.

EAMic® System Helps Unitech Electronics Continue to Reduce Equipment Asset Management Costs!

Enterprise Asset Management Software

About Unitech Electronics

A joint venture invested by Unitech Electronics International (Hong Kong) Limited and Shanghai Zhanhua Electronics Co., Ltd. in Nantong, was established in 2018. The main products are high-density interconnected laminates, multilayer flex boards, and rigid-flex printed circuit boards, which are mainly used in 5G, digital TV, electric vehicles, smart wearable, and other industries. 

Enterprise Asset Management Software


Ascribing to managerial standards as well as enterprise culture, many Taiwanese enterprises are good at “winning in execution”. The truth is that execution capability is a blessing for any maintenance organization. In the search for maintenance excellency, the maturity of maintenance organization comes into play. The maintenance team of Unitech Electronics currently relies on manual or Excel to manage equipment assets and resources. Even if the personnel efficiency is high, equipment asset management still faces severe challenges and it is difficult to further improve.

Enterprise Asset Management Software


Unitech is a mature maintenance organization. From the initial start of the project, the ValueApex team was impressed by the Unitech maintenance team’s strong execution power. We implemented the project from one benchmark pilot workshop, 1 month to finish go-live from A to Z, worth mentioning is that Unitech Electronics has more than 2000 team members, while more than 1000 were registered EAMic® users.

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Benefit and Result


Almost every paper for maintenance work orders has been replaced by EAMic Mobile, equivalent to 3200 paper sheets each day.


All departments, all teams, and all employees focus on a proactive maintenance strategy.


Failure occurrences reduced by 45% yearly.


More than 1,000,000 work orders completed in the past two years.

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