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Equipment Maintenance Management

EAMic® Case Study- Keyway Industry Services

Keyway Industry Services joins hands with EAMic® to create a new customer-centric one-stop maintenance management system!

Equipment Maintenance Management

About Keyway Service

Keyway Industry Services is a technology-based service company that integrates equipment consulting and management, installation, maintenance and repair, and upgrading. 

Keyway has introduced an advanced asset management system combined with digital management software and tools to diagnose equipment health status, dig deep into equipment maintenance data, optimize equipment maintenance strategy, reduce internal maintenance operation cost, make equipment maintenance to data, intelligent and professional development, and provide value-added maintenance service solutions for the manufacturing industry. 

Equipment Maintenance Management


As the business grows, more and more customer assets to service. To stay competitive, the solution of managing client assets through excel and phone is no longer feasible. In particular, the closed-loop management of the process from the customer initiating a repair request to the completion of the repair could not be effectively monitored, nor could it provide a convincing service report for the customer. Many preventive maintenance services are also often not systematically recorded and presented to customers. 

Equipment Maintenance Management


Through a 4-week implementation, the EAMic® standard suite was integrated into the existing system to create a customer-centric, one-stop maintenance management service center. To know more about our IT asset management software.

Benefit and Result


EAMic strengthens the branding of Keyway’s maintenance services and provides convenience for customers. 


Customers can now initiate repair requests with one click through EAMic® and notify Keyways immediately. 


Now, all work orders for customer service are automatically generated through the system, including a record of every task in preventive maintenance. 


Now, each month’s customer maintenance task report can be generated from EAMic® with one click. 

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