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Asset Management System Software

EAMic® Case Study- Rieter China Plants

EAMic® system helps Rieter China Plants to continuously improve the way of equipment asset maintenance management.

Asset Management System Software

About Rieter

Dieter is the world’s leading supplier of systems for short-staple fiber spinning. Based in Winterthur (Switzerland), the company develops and manufactures machinery, systems, and components used to convert natural and man-made fibers and their blends into yarns.  There are currently two manufacturing plants in China. The factory has professional manufacturing workshops, including sheet metal, machining, electrical, and assembly workshops for different products.

Asset Management System Software


Overall, Rieter China's maintenance team has created a relatively complete maintenance management system, however, with the expansion of plants (currently there are two plants in China) and the increase of equipment, the maintenance team (including plant affairs) also faces the following challenges. 

  • Based on paper and Excel spreadsheets, it is difficult to share and access the required information.

  • Traditional telephone reports for maintenance are difficult to coordinate, relatively costly to communicate, and inefficient. 

  • The scheduling and execution of preventive maintenance plans are difficult to control and land. 

  • Failure analysis (root cause analysis, recurring failures) is difficult to accomplish statistically and systematically. 

  • The management of maintenance documentation is cumbersome.

All of these points were especially penalizing due to the huge dimensions of the two plants.

Asset Management System Software


After 4 weeks of joint efforts by both project teams:

The project was completed on schedule for two plants in China. 

The main solution of this project is to continuously improve the current state of plant maintenance management (new and old plants) by adopting the EAMic® plant maintenance management system and maintenance expansion management best practices. 

To know more about manufacturing plant maintenance software.

Benefit and Result


The creation of a database of all equipment, and facilities. Present as asset structure tree; 


Development and scheduling of preventive maintenance schedules (inspection work), automatic generation and release of work orders according to maintenance frequency;


Management of repair and maintenance work orders; support for on-site maintenance work (including repair and work order execution) through the use of the EAMic® App and QR code tag scanning;


Visual reports to provide decision support. and work order execution) through the use of the EAMic® App and QR code tagging;


Visual reports to provide decision support.

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