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Equipment Management Software is an Important Part of Hospital Management

Ⅰ. The importance of hospital application equipment management software

Hospital equipment management is a general term for the management of medical equipment purchase, installation, commissioning and acceptance, maintenance management, preventive maintenance management, and benefits management. For hospitals, medical equipment management is a very important task. Whether the management method of hospital equipment is scientific, whether the safety can be guaranteed, and the level of efficiency all affect the quality of the economic benefits to a large extent. Therefore, how to better improve the hospital's equipment management and seeking the best solution for the hospital's equipment management has become an urgent problem for modern hospitals.

With the continuous development of the Internet, the field of network management has become increasingly mature, and the most obvious one is the development and use of management platforms. Medical equipment management software is developed rapidly based on this historical background. The application of the software has quickly replaced the traditional manual management mode, improved the efficiency of hospital equipment management and equipment operation, greatly reduced the failure rate and maintenance costs of equipment, and achieved good results in hospital equipment management.

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Ⅱ. About the hospital equipment management software

1. The whole process of equipment procurement mainly includes: different approval processes that can be adopted according to different amounts of equipment, and at the same time, the supplier inquiry, negotiation, and contract are fully recorded for easy query and archiving.

2. The whole life cycle management of medical equipment is to divide each medical equipment into several consecutive periods from application for purchase, demonstration procurement, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance to elimination and scrapping, and standardized management of the entire life cycle of equipment for the implementation of work priorities in different periods. To know more about equipment lifecycle management.

3. Professional and comprehensive fixed asset management meets the daily work requirements of the equipment department. The assert code is established in accordance with the standards of the Finance Bureau. The specific functions mainly include asset card establishment, asset transfer, asset scrapping, asset transfer, asset query, asset inventory processing, etc.

4. The complete equipment maintenance and repair management process includes an equipment maintenance plan, equipment maintenance implementation record, equipment maintenance registration, equipment maintenance record, equipment measurement management, comprehensive statistics of equipment maintenance, etc. 

The equipment management software optimizes the core work process of the equipment department and above and organizes the scattered, time-consuming, and repetitive work fragments of the equipment department in series into orderly and efficient work as a whole. Thus helping the equipment department to establish a dynamic, standardized, efficient, and easy-to-use management system, and realize the standardization and efficient operation of daily management work.

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