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Definition of Facility Maintenance Software

1. Definition of Facility Maintenance Software:

A facilities asset management system is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) platform designed to enable facility managers to implement comprehensive maintenance management activities. Equipment management is the management of the whole process of the equipment life cycle, including the management of the whole process of selecting equipment, using equipment correctly, maintaining and repairing equipment, and upgrading equipment. The equipment movement process can be divided into two states, namely the material movement form and the capital movement form of the equipment. The material movement form of equipment refers to the whole process of equipment starting from research, design, manufacture or from purchase and acceptance into the production field, through use, maintenance, repair, update, transformation until scrapping and exiting the production field. The management is called the technical management of the equipment; the capital movement of the equipment, including the initial investment of the equipment, operating costs, depreciation, income, and the measures and use of its own renovation, etc, the management of this process is called the economic management of the equipment. Equipment management includes both the technical management of equipment and the economic management of equipment. The technical management of equipment and economic management are organically linked and mutually unified.

2. Application of facility maintenance software:

Facility maintenance software solutions in professional facilities are in hospitals, university and college campuses, and corporate and government sites, requiring professional facility maintenance management of infrastructure, environment, and security systems. In addition to ongoing structural integrity and HVAC systems, facility managers must track and maintain electrical, communications, plumbing, fire protection systems, outdoor access, walkways, landscaping, parking, and recreational areas.