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Introduction of EAM Software

EAM software, namely enterprise asset management software.

1. The definition of enterprise asset management 

It refers to the use of modern information technology (IT) to improve operational reliability and use the value of assets and reduce maintenance and repair costs in asset-intensive enterprises, focusing on the entire life cycle of assets from design and procurement, installation and commissioning, operation management to transfer and scrapping, a set of systems to improve the enterprise management level and personnel quality and strengthen the core competitiveness of asset-intensive enterprises.

2. The purpose of enterprise asset management

The main purpose of EAM software is: by establishing an information software platform for enterprise asset (including equipment) management, to sort out and standardize the process of enterprise asset management, collect and analyze asset management data, identify asset management shortcomings and guide continuous improvement, and it helps the asset management of user enterprises to support the achievement of their business strategic goals. At the same time, it is also expected to achieve faster and more accurate asset management operation efficiency than paper media by software.

To know more about EAM CMMS Software, please go to: https://www.eamic.net/eam-cmms-software/.